eValue8 for Brokers

We're South Africa's leading distributor of TransUnion Auto's Vehicle Information Solutions. eValue8 includes the Auto Dealer's Guide, Commercial Vehicles, Cars over 10 Years, and Motor Cycles guides specifically designed for use by Insurance Brokers, Underwriters, Finance Houses, Banks, Assessors and Panel Beaters.

Imagin8 Debit Orders

Reliable and cost effective Debit Drder Collection services for businesses of any size. If you're not getting all your money in on time, or find yourself constantly chasing customers for payments, just think - you could have all your money paid to you on time, and use your own time more productively to run and grow your business.
We've been looking after our small business customers since 2006.

For Guest Speakers, Guest Faculty and Education Institutions

The must-have app for guest speakers and faculty that helps you manage your bookings, invoice your customers, and keep track of everything about your lecturing and guest speaking engagements in one place - always available, on any device.

Consulting and Mentoring
to help your small business grow

Based on our own success and learning over the years in business, we're passionate about helping other small business and fledgeling entrepreneurs succeed. When we take on a client, we make sure they succeed and grow.
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Why Imagin8?

Imagin8 is all about innovation, and making your life easier. We provide relevant solutions to business, both big and small. Our customers range from banks to software development houses to the single entrepreneur working from home. And every one of them is just as important to us.
Imagin8 targets specific business needs to create the kind of solutions that become the heartbeat of your business. We've been around since 1994, and we understand the world of the entrepreneur. We constantly research our customers and deliver solutions that bringing order to your world so that you can focus on growing your enterprise, and not fighting fires.
About Imagin8