Imagin8 API Data Dictionary
Integration for Real time Intelligence

AVS-R Data Dictionary

API Specification

Return Parameters
AccountCreditsAll The account allows credits
AccountDebitsAll The account allows debits.
AccountFound The account exists at the selected bank.
AccountLength The account is older than 3 months.
AccountOpen The account is currently open
AccountTypeCorrect The account type matches what was selected.
AllRecordsPassed There were no failed checks.

This is a response to indicate there are no errors when communicating with the banks.

See the section titled "First Response Codes"

IDNumberMatch The ID number matches the account.
InitialsMatch The initials matches the account.
NameMatch The account name matches what was entered.
First Response
00000 First Response Successful, pending final response
00001 Final response Received, Job ready for final collection
E0001 Missing mandatory field bank branch code
E0002 Bank branch code length may not exceed 6 digits
E0003 Missing mandatory field bank account number
E0004 Bank account number length may not exceed 24 digits
E0005Missing mandatory field account ID number
E0006ID Number field length may not exceed 13 digits
E0007Bank not supported
E0008 Surname field cannot be empty
E0009Bank account type cannot be empty
E0010Incorrect bank account type supplied
E0011Participating bank timed out, retrying job
E0012AVS timed out, no response from AVS (No longer used)
E0013Bank error
E0014Invalid account number
E0015Invalid branch code
E0016Invalid account type
E0017Invalid data in input field
E0018Check Digit Verification failure
E0019Participating bank AVSR Internal Error
E0020Unable to communicate to participating bank
E0021Surname filed length may not exceed 30 digits
E0022Initials filed length may not exceed 5 digits
E0023Participating bank Technical Error
E0024Participating bank did not respond within SLA
E0025Invalid ID number or Company registration number supplied.
E0099Generic error - Contact us for detailed description
Status Codes
DDone, Received Last Results - Successful result, also known as the Final Response. Done does not mean that all the results have been successfully processed in the case of a bulk submission. (Some might have failed at the banks)
EError, the whole job has failed and there are no final responses. (This could occur during server downtimes)
NNuked Response - The job id that was sent to avs_checkJobId.php is older than 14 days and have been removed from the server.
PPending, The file was received by the AVS web service and is busy with processing. Upon getting this status you have to poll the avs_checkJobId.php until you receive a result.