Imagin8 API Specification
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List of Models for a Given Make

API Specification

Unless specified as Optional, all parameters are mandatory
API Suite: eValue8
Purpose: Returns a list of Models available for a specicif vehicle Make
Web Service: getmodels.php
Root URL: Live
Root URL: Sandbox
Parameters Parameter Name Parameter Description
mmMakeValid Make from list of Makes obtained in GetMakes
datasource (Optional)Valid values: "TRANSUNION". This optional parameter has been included due the possibility of the web services switching between multiple service providers. If omitted, Imagin8 will default to TRANSUNION, or the datasource associated with the clientref parameter where this is a reqiured parameter.
Call Example
Return Values

Return Values

cMVCode: 8-digit M&M Code, includes leading zeroes
cMake: Vehicle Make as text string
cModel: Model Description as text string
nIntroDate: Date of introduction in the format mmyyyy, no leading zeroes
nDisconDate: Date Discontinued in the format mmyyyy, no leading zeroes

Return Values Example
"mvModel":"100 5D","IntroYear":"41979","DisconYear":"51983"},
"mvModel":"100 5E","IntroYear":"81977","DisconYear":"31984"},...]}