Imagin8 API Specification
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Obtaining the Adjustment Factor for Mileage Condition pair

API Specification

Unless specified as Optional, all parameters are mandatory
API Suite: eValue8
Purpose: Returns the adjustment factor as an integer representing a percentage. The API requires Condition, Mileage and the Guide as inputs. This adjustment factor must then be applied to the Retail and Trade values (NOT to the new value) in your applictaion. A negative value indicates that the values must decrease by this percentage. A Positive value indicates that values must increase by this factor. The adjustment is NOT applied to optional extras.
Web Service: getadjustment.php
Root URL: Live
Root URL: Sandbox
Parameters Parameter Name Parameter Description
mmGuide (Optional)If passed as a parameter, the value returned will be located from this guide. If no parameter is passed, the value is returned from the latest guide. The format is mmyyyy, no leading zeroes.
VehicleClass (Optional)

Single character. Valid values are:

P - Private Vehicle
C - Commercial Vehicle

This field maps to the mmVehicleType field returned in GetStaticInfo

Mileage (Optional)

if passed, the mileage and condition are used to adjust the retail and trade values returned. If not value is passed, AV is used. Valid values are:

VL - Very Low
LO - Low
AV - Average
HI - High
VH - Very High

datasource (Optional)Valid values: "TRANSUNION". This optional parameter has been included due the possibility of the web services switching between multiple service providers. If omitted, Imagin8 will default to TRANSUNION, or the datasource associated with the clientref parameter where this is a reqiured parameter.
ConditionCode (Optional)

If passed, the condition and mileage are used to adjust the retail and trade values returned. If no value is passed, GO is used. Valid values are:

VP - Very Poor
PO - Poor
GO - Good
VG - Very Good
EX - Excellent

Call Example
Return Values

mmGuide: the Guide passed to the call

ConditionCode: The Condition Code used in the lookup

Mileage: The Mileage code used in the lookup

Adjustment: The adjustment factor expressed as an integer. The value returned should be converted to a percentage (i.e., a value of 3 should be used as 3%, and a value of -5 should be used as -5%). The percentage should then be added or aplied only to the Retail and Trade values as an addition or deduction. A Value of 3% means that the Retail and Trade values should be increased by 3%. A value of -5% means that the Retail and Trade values should be reduced by 5%. This factor should not be applied to optional extras, but only to the Retail and Trade values. If Condition and Mileage parameters other than GO and AV were supplied to the GetValues API, then the retail and trade values returned by GetValues is already adjusted for Mileage and Condition. If you want to make the adjustments in your application, then do not specify condition or mileage when calling GetValues, and use this function in conjunction with GetMileage.

Return Values Example