Imagin8 API Specification
Integration for Real time Intelligence

Obtain a summarized credit score for a consumer

API Specification

Unless specified as Optional, all parameters are mandatory
API Suite: Consumer Data
Purpose: Returns the CPA and NLR credit score for a sepcifies SA ID Number
Web Service: GetScore
Root URL: Live
Root URL: Sandbox
Parameters Parameter Name Parameter Description
unameThe Imagin8 Username
passwordThe Imagin8 Password
appNameThe application name verified by Imagin8
clientRefThe Customer ID provided by Imagin8
IDNoThe ID number of the person being enquired
Call Example{Username}&password={Password} &appName={AppName} &clientRef={ClientRef}
Return Values The return type will be a JSON string containing the response. Along with the return will be a Transaction ID which you can quote to Imagin8 should you enquire about an issue on any of your requests.
Return Values Example
{"TransactionSuccessful":true,"Response":[{"TransactionCompleted":true,"ResultType":"NLR","Score":617,"Risk":"High","Accepted":"No","IDNumber":"8312020031085","Reasons":{"ReasonCode1":"NA10","ReasonDesc1":"NA10-Negative Event within Last 12 Months","ReasonCode2":"NA58","ReasonDesc2":"NA58-High Number of Recent Enquiries","ReasonCode3":"NA40","ReasonDesc3":"NA40-Balance or Limit of 0 on Revolving Accounts"}},{"TransactionCompleted":true,"ResultType":"CPA","Score":593,"Risk":"Very High","Accepted":"No","IDNumber":"7408285107080","Reasons":{"ReasonCode1":"CA10","ReasonDesc1":"CA10-Negative Event within Last 12 Months","ReasonCode2":"CA40","ReasonDesc2":"CA40-Balance or Limit of 0 on Revolving Accounts","ReasonCode3":"CA13","ReasonDesc3":"CA13-Time CPA Accounts Have been Opened indicates High Risk"}}],"TransactionID":25098,"NOTE":"You are in Sandbox Mode. Transaction may be simulated."}