Imagin8 API Specification
Integration for Real time Intelligence

Bulk AVS Enquiry

API Specification

Unless specified as Optional, all parameters are mandatory
API Suite: AVS-R
Purpose: Conduct a bulk Account Verification check on multiple customers.
Please note that it is advised to make this call with a POST request.
Web Service: avs_bulkSubmit.php
Root URL: Live
Root URL: Sandbox
Parameters Parameter Name Parameter Description
uname The Imagin8 Username
password The Imagin8 Password
appName The application name, verified by Imagin8
clientRef The Customer ID provided by Imagin8

A JSON Array containing all the accounts to be validated.


[{"Initials":"J","LastName_Company":"DOE","ID_Reg":"7612035853089", "AccountNo": "24196789", "AccountType": "1", "Bank": "Standard Bank", "BranchCode": "051001", "Ref": "TEST 1", "Phone": "0112506700"}, {"Initials":"","LastName_Company":"AMnesty", "ID_Reg": "198227891023", "AccountNo": "2564033", "AccountType": "1", "Bank": "STandard Bank", "BranchCode": "051001", "Ref": "TEST 2"}]

Call Example Make a POST request passing the above parameters to
Return Values

Results are not necessarily returned immediately. The 3rd Party Application may be required to initiate a job using this function, and then poll the avs_bulkCheckJobId.php web service to check on the status of the job.

This function will return a result set as indicated below in JSON.

The Job ID will always be returned. This Job ID is the unique identifier for this enquiry, and can be used to check the status of the enquiry, or to return the retrieved result at no additional charge up to 14 days after the date of the transaction initiation.

If only the Job ID is returned, the enquiry is still pending from the banks.

If the full result set is returned, the query completed, and the results will be in for following format:

Return Values Example

If the job is complete:

{"result":1,"Response":{"Transaction":[{"TransactionCompleted":true,"StatusCode":"D","BranchCode":"250655","AccountNumber":"*******6789","BankAccountType":"Current\/Cheque Account","ClientID":"123456*******","LastName":"Doe","AccountFound":"Y","AccountOpen":"Y","AccountLenght":"Y","AccountTypeCorrect":"Y","IDNumberMatch":"Y","InitialsMatch":"Y","NameMatch":"Y","AccountDebitsAll":"Y","AccountCreditsAll":"Y","PhoneMatch":"Y","AllRecordsPassed":"Y","TransactionsID":"7199","JobID":"7199","FirstResponse":"00001"},{"TransactionCompleted":true,"StatusCode":"D","BranchCode":"470010","AccountNumber":"*******4033","BankAccountType":"Savings Account","ClientID":"123456*******","LastName":"Doe","AccountFound":"Y","AccountOpen":"Y","AccountLenght":"Y","AccountTypeCorrect":"Y","IDNumberMatch":"Y","InitialsMatch":"Y","NameMatch":"Y","AccountDebitsAll":"Y","AccountCreditsAll":"Y","PhoneMatch":"U","AllRecordsPassed":"N","TransactionsID":"7199","JobID":"7199","FirstResponse":"00001"}]}}

If the job is incomplete:

{"result":1,"Response":{"Transaction":{"TransactionCompleted":true,"StatusCode":"P","Message":"The server is still busy processing your request.","JobID":"7199"}}}