Imagin8 API Specification
Integration for Real time Intelligence

List of Vehicles linked to an ID

API Specification

Unless specified as Optional, all parameters are mandatory
API Suite: ID-List of Vehicles
Purpose: Returns a list of vehicles linked to an ID Number as per records of the Department of Motor Vehicles
Web Service: getVehiclesById.php
Root URL: Live
Root URL: Sandbox
Parameters Parameter Name Parameter Description
uname The Imagin8 Username
password The Imagin8 Password
clientRef The Customer ID provided by Imagin8
appName The application name, verified by Imagin8
idNoThe SA ID Number to search. The user organisation will need specific express consent of each and every person whose ID number is passed to this search.
Call Example
Return Values A List of vehicles registered to the ID number submitted is returned. The list is updated on a regular basis but there may be a gap between information changes made at the licensing department, and these changes reflecting on our system.
Return Values Example