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eValue8 Consumer

eValue8 (Consumer) allows individuals to manage their household assets and motor vehicles in a convenient, easy to use Mobile App. eValue8 has a offers a host of important time and money saving benefits to the individual, the broker and the underwriter.

For the Individual

  • Maintain an inventory of all your assets including vehicles, trailers, bikes, books, CD's, electronic goods, household appliances, jewelery - whatever you own, manage it with eValue8
  • Manage your items by location, or by room in your home, office, or holiday home
  • eValue8 updates values on all your motor vehicles monthly
  • eValue8 updates current replacement values on your non-motor assets too
  • eValue8 sends you reminders before Vehicle Licenses expire
  • eValue8 sends you reminders before your Driver's License expires too
  • You can renew your car license from the app and get it delivered right to your door
  • eValue8 is a convenient way to manage warranties on all your household appliances and other assets
  • Store proof of purchase and valuation certificates linkd to each asset
  • Send any details of any of your vehicles or assets to your broker or underwriter. You can select a single item, or groups of ites, or your entire asset portfolio.

Download the eValue8 app from the iStore or Google Play Store, or use the online eValue8 web app

You can start with a free eValue8 profile, and upgrade as you need. Our cheapest plan is only R99 per year (that's only R8.25 a month). Take a look at how eValue8 will save you money from day 1.

Save money with eValue8

Most people are underinsured. It's a statistical reality. Even if you've recently changed insurance companies or brokers, you may think you've done a full inventory to make sure everything's covered. But how do you know what the replacement value of every item in your house is? You guess, right? There's mistake number one.

If you don't get the values on every item in your house correct, you stand to lose out if you ever have to claim for a lost or stolen item. It's called the "Average" clause. Read the fine print in your householder's insurance policy.

Even if you do get everything 100% accurate, a few months after that inventory was taken, things change. You buy new things. You replace things. Things get sold, or break down and you toss them in the junk heap. The value of your household inventory changes often.

eValue8 makes keeping track of these changes simple, and more important, we help you let you broker or underwriter know what's changed. Let's say you go out to buy a new computer, or household appliance. Your new item isn't automatically covered by your insurance policy until it's inside your home. So if anything happens to that 99 inch TV between the store and your house while it's in your car, you're probably not covered.

That's wehere eValue8 can help. Snap a picture of the item, load it into your eValue8 portfolio before you leave the shop, click a botton to send it to your broker, and it's covered. As the value of your new TV changes over time, we'll tell you what its current replacement value is so you can let your broker know and reduce your premiums.

Do you know for sure that everything that's supposed to be listed on your policy is listed right now? If not, you may risk items not being covered if they get lost or stolen. People often only discover that items weren't covered once it's too late. With eValue8, you'll know for sure that everything is listed before loss occurs. That's just one of dozens of ways eValue8 will save you money.

What about your car license? Do you know when that expires? We'll tell you. And we'll help you renew it too. Don't wait till you see that pink slip on your windshield or get pulled over by the Metro cops to discover that your car lincese expired. The eValue8 app will send you reminders long before your licese expires. With one click on your mobile phone, you can renew your car license and get it delivered to your door too.

So the question isn't "why should you use eValue8?". The question is "Why aren't you using it right now?"

For Brokers and Underwriters

  • White Label eValue8 to improve flow of information with your customers, and strengthen your value proposition
  • Use the App to ensure that your customers are adequately covered
  • Seamless integration with your underwriting function to record requests for additions and changes

eValue8 will update the values of your customer's asset portfolios monthly so you and your clients are of the same understanding of value before loss occurs. With the eValue8 App, you and your clients can ensure that all required specified items are listed. eValue8 classifies assets so you know exactly what asset the client has, and are not reliant on unvalidated text descriptions of items. Customers can also upload images of proof of purchase and serial numbers to validate ownership.

Web Services are available for your developers to integrate eValue8 (Consumer) into your application.

Imagin8 is an authorized reseller of TransUnion Auto


You're an educator, and you want to concentrate on what you enjoy - educating. Administration, managing your calendar, programs and billing shouldn't take up any of your time.

Educ8 helps you by taking care of your admin while you focus on your primary income-generating activities.

Load the programs you're facilitating. Capture important billing information like Purchase Order or Work Order numbers as you create the entry.

Add lecturing engagements to your Calendar (Outlook, iPad, iPhone, Mac).

Invoice in a single click.

Manage outstanding invoices.

Get reports of your monthly billing and cash flow.


At only R129 per month (excl VAT), Educ8 will justify its cost in the amount of time it takes away from your admin, and the efficiency it adds to your rols as an educator or guest speaker.

See our FAQ page for more on our pricing and billing.


Business Management made easy

One of the main challenges in business today is time. There's just not enough of it. And the one thing you can't afford to ignore is the effective management of your business.

You can't always be in the office, and you need to know what's going on in your business. You need to be able to invoice on the go, manage debtors, access contact information, reply to customers. And at the same time, you need to grow your business.

Simplic8 was designed by SME's for SME's. It's more than an accounting system. It's a complete business management system that gives you access to tools and features that free you up to spend more time growing your business, and less time on administration.

Accounting Module

Simplic8 includs a complete accounting system including General Ledger, Journal, Debtors and Creditors, Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Flexible Configuration

Simplic8 caters for Multiple Product configurations to allow for inventory based and virtual items, service type products, and subscriptions. With simplic8 you can generate invoices for recurring subscription sales with one click.

Custom Integration

Custom integration to your specific data sources enables Simplic8 to provide meaningful management information specific to your business

Integrated Services

Integration with Imagin8's Debit Order collection services to improve your cashflow.

Cashflow Forecasts

Set up income and expenditure patterns and generate cash flow projections based on your current cash balance and credit facilities

Import Bank Statements

Save your bank statements as CSV files, and import them directly into Simplic8's cashbook. Simplic8 recognizes formats of most bank's statement downloads, and allows you to set rules to recognize entries and allocate automatically.

Manage Activities

Manage your to-do list and organize activities in line with your strategic plans


Get help on business management from the experts

Your Own Online Store

Create an instant online store, an integrate e-Commerce into your website with a single line of HTML..


R199 per month (excl VAT). No scaled pricing, or in-app purchases. One price gives you access to all the features of Simplic8.

See our FAQ page for more on our pricing and billing.

Contact Validation

You can check whether or not a contact number is still valid for your customers or leads. Contact Validation returns the current owner of a contact number, as well as the previous 4 owners of that number.

Use our Contact Validation service to clean up existing customer records, or to filter leads to eliminate poor information.


Transactions are priced at R3.99 per transaction (excl. VAT) and do not form part of any other transaction bundles.

See our FAQ page for more on our pricing and billing.

Access and Integration

Available Online 24/7

All of our Real-Time Intelligence services are available to you through the eValue8 Online App. Each service you subscribe to is available to you immediately. Services can be added or removed as you require.

Integrated into your Applications

Each one of our Real-Time Intelligence services is also available through our Web Services, and can be easily integrated into your own software applications. Hundreds of customers already enjoy the flexibility of using our Real Time Intelligence in a variety of different Third-Party software applications. Take a look at our growing list of Strategic Partners and Customers. To Integrate our Web Services into your application, visit our Developer Page or contact Imagin8 now.