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eValue8 Broker

New, Retail and Trade values as published by TransUnion Auto in the Auto Dealer's Guide. eValue8 brings you the latest pricing information on just about every vehicle on the roads, including private, light and heavy commercial vehicles, motor cycles and tractors.

eValue8 is priced per transaction. Because of our aggregated transaction volumes, Imagin8 brings this information to you in real time, at the lowest prices available. Choose a transaction bundle to suit your budget, and benefit from volume discounts, even at the lowest level.

Get eValue8's Real Time data from our Online eValue8 Broker App, or integrated in any one of our Channel Partner Applications:

Web Services are available for your developers to integrate eValue8 into your application.


The bundles listed below are billed monthly, and exclude VAT. See our FAQ page for more on our pricing and billing.

Monthly Fee No of
Luxury BusR21,5457533247910012

Out of Bundle Transactions are billed at R2.86 per transaction Excl Vat

Imagin8 is an authorized reseller of TransUnion Auto

VIN/Reg Search

We have access to one of the most comprehensive databases of VIN and Registration information

Tap into our extensive resources to get accurate Make and Model information using a vehicle's VIN or Registration number as the search input.

This data is obtained from the licensing authorities, and may not lead to an exact model identification. However, Imagin8 is able to narrow the possibilities down to as few choices as possible to assist you in identifying the correct vehicle.


Transactions are priced at R4.00 per transaction (excl. VAT) and do not form part of any other transaction bundles.

See our FAQ page for more on our pricing and billing.

Bank Account Validation

Real-time validation of bank account details.

We run a 10-point check on South African bank accounts, validating that the details your customers have given you are still valid and correct. With our Real-Time Account Validation you can be sure you're collecting from or paying into a valid bank account.We'll give you a yes or no on these points:

Account Surname or Company Name matches your records
Account Initials matches your records
Account Type matches your records
Branch Code matches your records
ID Number matches your records
Contact Number matches your records
Account Accepts Debits
Account Accepts Credits
Account open longer than 3 months
Account Exists


Volume based is available on request. Prices exclude VAT. See our FAQ page for more on our pricing and billing.

From To Cost per Transaction
1 100 R7.50
100 + POA

Credit Score

We offer both a conventional credit score and our proprietary score for the Insurance industry.

Retail Credit Score

Our conventional Scrdit Score shows NLA and CPR scoring for a consumer, as well as the combined score, and an indication of high, medium or low credit risk.

Insurance Credit Score

Our Proprietary score for the Insurance industry takes into account the reasons for any negative events to give an indication of the consumer's propensity to remain a viable customer of Insurance and financial products. Risk parameters are slightly different to the conventional credit score using this model.


Volume based pricing below is determined on your usage in a calendar month, and excludes VAT. See our FAQ page for more on our pricing and billing.

From To Cost per Transaction
1 100 R5.99
101 + R5.80

Validate or pre-populate contact details

Using our validation services, you can pre-populate a customer's contact details from their ID number. We return the last 5 contact numbers and addresses for an individual from their ID number to clense your data, or to pre-populate forms.

You can also check whether or not a contact number is still valid for your customers or leads. Contact Validation returns the current owner of a contact number, as well as the previous 4 owners of that number.

Use our Contact Validation service to clean up existing customer records, or to filter leads to eliminate poor information.


Transactions are priced ona sliding scale from R5.50 per transaction (excl. VAT) and do not form part of any other transaction bundles.

See our FAQ page for more on our pricing and billing.

Vehicle Ownership

This incredibly powerful facility gives you a list of vehicles linked to a SA ID Number.

You will need to demonstrate that you have obtained express permission from the ID Holder to retireve this information. Once Imagin8 has verified that you have the necessary permission, this becomes an exceptionally strong customer management and lead generating tool for your business.

Enter a valid SA ID Number, and we return the following detail* for each vehicle linked to the individual's ID number:

  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Vehicle Description

*There is a delay of up to 11 months between the time changes in ownership are made and the time these changes reflect in our database. This delay is due to the timing of information by the source


Enquiries are priced at R4.00 per transaction (excl. VAT) and do not form part of any other transaction bundles.

A single transaction is defined as returning all infrormation related to a single ID number, regardless of the number of vehicles contained in the result

See our FAQ page for more on our pricing and billing.

Targeted Inteligence

We have successfully tailored Real-Time Intelligence solutions to answer specific questions our clients want to know about their customers. Imagin8 and our strategic partners have access to millions of records of consumer data from different sources. Combining seemingly disconnected pieces of information creates significant insights into your customer.

So, what do you want to know?

Access and Integration

Available Online 24/7

All of our Real-Time Intelligence services are available to you through the eValue8 Online App. Each service you subscribe to is available to you immediately. Services can be added or removed as you require.

Integrated into your Applications

Each one of our Real-Time Intelligence services is also available through our Web Services, and can be easily integrated into your own software applications. Hundreds of customers already enjoy the flexibility of using our Real Time Intelligence in a variety of different Third-Party software applications. Take a look at our growing list of Strategic Partners and Customers. To Integrate our Web Services into your application, visit our Developer Page or contact Imagin8 now.