This book is a must read for every entrepreneur, whether you're just starting out or you're already running a business, and for every manager working for organisations of any size.

Businesses need to succeed now more than ever before. With most economies around the world in desperate need of revival and businesses closing everywhere, you can't afford to waste time or money on business failure. 

Find out everything you need to know to give you and your business a better chance of success.


Learn from the best.

Most business owners find themselves running an organisation they were never trained to run. They start off with a great idea, and that idea soon grows into organisations that needs proper management. Unfortunately, research shows that most business owners are great coming up with ideas, or doing a part of the work that the business needs, but lack basic business management skills.

I know this because I was in the same position, trying to manage a business that desperately needed the skills I didn't know I lacked.  I went to business school to do an MBA twelve years after I started my business, and the results were amazing. In 2004, I was about to close my business, and in 2006, I realized a 1200% increase in monthly cash flow just by applying the new knowledge I'd learned. From there, my business grew and grew.  Today I sit on the board of three companies, and my net worth has skyrocketed compared to what it was when I started this journey.

I spent many years lecturing business management and teaching business owners and managers the simple skills that made such a difference in my own journey as a business leader, and I've reduced all that knowledge into one easy-to-read book so that you can learn how to be a more effective manager and leader in your business.


How to Create, Manage, Fix and Grow Your Business

will help you:

  • Understand why most businesses fail, and what you need to do to make yours succeed
  • Choose which ideas to pursue and which ones not to
  • Find new ideas
  • Understand how to identify the risks in developing a new idea so you don't get caught by surprise
  • Refine your business model and plug the gaps in a new idea
  • Understand what Venture Capital investors look for in a pitch and how to approach them
  • Write a solid business plan
  • Get your idea off the ground without losing money
  • Understand the Income Statement and Balance sheet, as well as basic financial concepts every entrepreneur and manager needs to know
  • Manage your daily business operations so you don't drop the ball ever again
  • Find more time in your day
  • Prepare your business to grow
  • Start your own journey of transformation

For entrepreneurs and business owners

This book will help you create a more bulletproof organisation, allowing you more time to do what matters most, and helping you identify how you can grow your business.

For managers

Whether you’re new or experienced but you’re finding it tougher and tougher to get things done, this book will help you understand exactly what you’re missing, and prepare you to be a bulletproof manager.


About The Author

Adam Rabinowitz is a seasoned Entrepreneur and is Chief Imaginator at Imagin8.  He holds an MBA from Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), one of the top business schools globally. His success in business, and his business education have enabled him to lecture hundreds of budding entrepreneurs and middle managers throughout Africa, preparing them for success in their chosen paths.  One thing he knows for sure – most entrepreneurs are not adequately prepared to run their businesses, and most managers in corporate jobs are ill prepared for their jobs as managers. 

“I turned my business around in 2005, and generated a cash flow improvement of 1200% literally overnight. I also found myself working less and less.  I’ve done this again several times since then and I’ve watched my business grow exponentially.”

If you want to work less and make more money, you need to read How to Create, Manage, Fix and Grow your Business: Book 1!

254 full colour pages, filled with vibrant diagrams and illustrations, stories and examples from industry that are easy to relate to and easy to understand, practical examples and practical exercises to help you make sense of your learning and improve your business.

If you've been running your business for a long time, but can't seem to eliminate problems that keep recurring, then this book will help you find the source of these issues, and develop practical ways of eliminating them so that your business is able to perform better.

If you find you never have enough hours in a day and find you're always working, never able to stop, then this book will help you find out what is consuming so much of your time, and will help free yourself from the burden you've been carrying.


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